Ask the Expert: Selling photographies


Billions of photos are taken daily and shared through social media. Some are pictures of food, many are snapshots, but thanks to smartphone cameras which are getting ever better, there are numerous artistically valuable photos which are of very high quality. Yet, very few photos are used for sales purposes. The Picanova Group, an expert in mass customization for individual photo products, shows how easy it is actually:

• Professional photographers: You can use your photos in different ways. Either to re-decorate shop windows or to offer your customers those photos professionally printed onto canvas, acrylic or mugs. It doesn’t have to be just conventional photo albums! Go to and be inspired by the huge product portfolio ranging from wall decoration, photo gifts to home & lifestyle photo products. You can resell the ordered products to your customers at a slightly higher price, keeping the difference as a small token for your photography.

• Social Influencers: If you're active on different social media platforms and sharing your pictures, the platform is just right for you. Free of charge with no obligations and with worldwide shipping, each photo is basically a money making machine. Your friends, customers and fans who follow you and love your photos can buy them on canvas, mugs, mobile phone cases, mouse pads or even blankets and cushions and you will receive a commission for each product sold. Just visit in our free demo account and see for yourself how easy it works.

• Businesses: If you are an entrepreneur or retailer, you should take a look at our API. The interface can be integrated into your existing shop system in just a few steps. This allows your customers to design individual wall decoration, home & lifestyle products and order them via your shop system in the look and feel they already know and have gotten accustomed to. The connection of the API to your shop is without risk for you, as there is no minimum order quantity or hidden fees. Find out for yourself: